“She Lived In a Story” — 4 stars
June 14, 2011, 4:58 pm
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“She Lived in a Story” can be compared to a labyrinth, thank goodness it was less that 10 pages long. Though it could confuse some it is the confusion that is intriguing and makes the story interesting and unique. “She Lived in a Story” implies that it is about a woman who lives within something told by another but it is actually a bit more than that. There are two people living within one story and all along, not until the very end do the readers realize the author of “she”, Ofelia, is actually living there with her.
This story was a bit challenging but it was not written with complicated sentences and words that made a dictionary necessary. The story flowed. Metaphors such as one that compared a fluid story to a properly built home were aspects of the fluidity of the story itself.

The Time I Almost Died…. Or Thought I Did…
June 14, 2011, 4:51 pm
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Sleep has to be one of my most favorite things to do. Often enough i choose sleep over people and or things, it’s a terrible trait but I need my rest! If it came between food; my second favorite thing and sleep I would go mad, i would not be able to choose…. there has to be people out there as crazy as me….I hope. Sleep does has it’s down side. With sleep, comes dreams and with dreams, comes nightmares. My sisters and I all have extremely vivid dreams, I wake up remembering and feeling such strong emotions from my dreams that i nearly think they are real. Recently, after an ordinary day of class and a run at the track I felt my body yearning for my bed. I wasn’t even that tired before i almost instantly fell into a deep sleep. It wasn’t long after that a noise from my window woke me up. My eyes were open and when I went to turn over I found myself stuck in the same position. It felt like my body was pegged down to my bed. What was this feeling?! I could have sworn I was having a seizure or something along those lines… I was motionless and not at my own will. Thinking about it now, my mind was probably telling my body that it was still asleep.

Definition of “Narrative Levels”-Group Writing with Global Lit.
June 13, 2011, 4:20 pm
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One could get a general understanding of “narrative levels” by analyzing the title alone: stories are narratives; situations and or series of events told by a character or a protagonist. Sometimes the reader is aware of the protagonist and who they are. According to Manfred Jahn, there are no limitations for the narration of a story. The levels of narratives can also be looked at literally; just as there is a building that serves one purpose with multiple levels within it, there are multiple narratives within one story.

Samperio is the writer- readers can actually find his work in libraries and book stores, google him and find information on his life as a child maybe even his family and most definitely background information on his complicated works.

–he creates G. Segovia who is also a writer by the same first name as his. Samperio grants Segovia creative qualities and he therefore is able to

Hello world!
June 7, 2011, 4:35 pm
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