Omaha Bigelow:A Review
July 6, 2011, 2:50 pm
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If Omaha Bigelow, the novel, could speak… i think it would scream out “Don’t judge me!”. It is an insanely unique book in my opinion. The story line goes from totally realistic and somewhat intriguing to absolutely bizarre. I might have been a bit more interested in the book because it was based on life in NYC. Not only was it set in New York but the Lower East side of Manhattan; there is nothing cooler than that, friends!
Usually, stereotypes bother be but not in the sense where i become offended or feel disrespected for those who are being categorized. Though i did not get too hung up on this factor, i did take notice. Stereotyping, as was Vega (ex. green hair, played in a punk rock band and lived in the LES- come on! it doesnt get anymore LES-St. Mark’s street than that) bothers me more so because it shows a lack of creativity; a chance to think outside the box was not taken. The unlikely problems of Vega are extremely comical but of course also very vulgar. The 15 year-old girl with witch like powers is an even more unlikely solution to his problem! Truthfully, the vulgarity didnt exactly bother me. Perhaps if it were made into a motion picture i would have a hard time watching it but reading it is actually fun! I suppose it is because my mind allows me to see what i want, i dont have to stare at the directors point of view.

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