I watch what I write and how I write what I watch
June 22, 2011, 10:01 pm
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I’m writing away- my hand swerves as I lose track of what I should be writing- or should I be writing anything? Should is the wrong word. When I’m confused, it shows in my right hand, the one that holds the pen. I think I have pretty handwriting…somewhat sloppy but people tell me they like it, i smile and then I look over and see their chicken scratch so of course they like it. I love beautiful handwriting I become envious of people who have better handwriting than me… Envy is a terrible trait…I dont have much of it in me… and when it floats to the surface I make it leave- quickly! Because I hate it so much, it’s a terrible look! I often leave the ts uncrossed until the word I am writng is finished, same goes for the i; i leave it undotted. I did it just now…I go back and cross my ts and dot my is when the word, sometimes if I’m rushing, when the sentence is over. It is a trick, or maybe its more of an inconvenience to some, that my third grade teacher Mrs. Geritano taught me when we were learning cursive. My hand always hurts after just a short time of writing…this just started to happen to me in the passed year. perhaps i should take a break from being and english major and follow my dreams, dreams that require no actual labor…is this considered labor? i think yes. No, i just press down too hard but its impossible for me to write light and fast….

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