Don Quixote de la Mancha;Reality Check[ing] Account Balance: -0
June 21, 2011, 11:49 pm
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This may seem like an obvious statement but Im going to write anyway and attempt to expand on it…

It is evident Don Quixote lives in a fantasy; a well thought out one for he gets his ideas from the ancient novels that he so religiously reads. This world he lives in is quite possibly the best thing that could have ever happened to him this is because when ever something goes wrong, Don Quixote can justify it and perseveres. On only the second encounter along his path on his aimless journey for adventure; adventure that he concocts from pretty much nothing-ness, he is thrown to the ground by his loyal steed! (In what story of an honorable knight have they ever fallen off their horse and been beaten?!- this will come in handy later as i try to emphasize my point). Something like that could never stop the ingenious Don Quixote. He believes to see things for what they really are while others are the ones who are unclear of the truth. The books that made him lose sleep, his weight and wits became a world in which he no longer chose to live in but strongly believed in and saw nothing else to be truer. As strong willed, prideful and intelligent as he is he is also completely insane. The world to him is not how it is to the rest of society. A grasp on reality is what he lacks most. Quixote can be considered ignorant and possibly arrogant too… The horse he chooses to be his faithful companion is an old shabby horse, certainly not fit for a knight to concur anything upon. Why would he chose such a horse if he was this great protector of the world?! I suppose, the way he sees Dulcinea as a princess; when she is really a peasant is the same way he sees a stallion when it is really a weak, old horse. My point is, he is not only, NOT what he thinks himself to be but is also..almost…just getting by… i noticed this in the beginning of the story when he encounters a farmer beating his servant for losing yet another sheep. Sheep cost money and because he has lost sheep in the past amongst other things which came out of his pay, the servant was not being paid at all. Don Quixote steps in and automatically seizes the situation and orders the farmer to obey him; belittling the farmer which most likely frustrated him. The farmer was stunned and without hesitation accepted everything Don Quixote declared. “I swear by the sun that shines down on us that i am minded to run you through with this lance….otherwise…i shall exterminate and annihilate you this very instant.” Quixote wasted no time nor did he bother trying to build up authoritative stamina, he dove right in.

Although he hollered and yelled at proclaimed all these “high and mighty” statements and reached such a high altitude of respect and authority in that very instant and then….. he just walks away…?! “Do not forget you have promised and sworn under pain of the penalties prescribed” -DQ “And as he said this he spurred Rocinante and before very long he had got underway.”

Why the in the world would he leave the situation he just created, just like that? Being a knight errant he believes in the bond in a man’s word i suppose…? (I say this shaking my head!) This is what i mean… he made a huge spectacle of the situation in that had nothing to do with him and then at its highest point, the climax, he “spurs Rocinante”. He should have waited for the servant to be paid and or set free at least! Did he not realize that would be the most logical thing to do? Because clearly the farmer’s pride and ego was damaged so he beats the servant til near death once Don Quixote is clearly out of sight.

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